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Denture Solutions

Dentures are removable teeth replacement options. Dentures fit snugly over the gum and can be used to replace one or all of the teeth. They can be made from acrylic (plastic) or with a metal framework.

Problems like a poorly-fitted lower full denture are common because there is not a lot of support in the lower jaw. But here at Albany Dental we can offer a simple solution using two implants to help support either a new denture, or sometimes we can use your existing denture.


Our in-house service: Denture Solutions

At Albany we are proud to work alongside Clinical Dental Technician Julia Burgess DD (Hons) DipCdtRCS (Eng) and her business Denture Solutions.

Established in 2004, Denture Solutions has been providing the people in the local area with a comprehensive range of dentures and denture repair services at competitive prices:

New Dentures
Denture Solutions specialises in cosmetic and natural dentures. The dentures are made with the highest quality materials. All services include consultation, impressions and fitting

Denture Repairs
High quality denture repairs and additions are undertaken with professional handcraft.

Denture Relining
Dental relining is a method of adjusting the internal part of the base of your dentures with acrylic resin to suit the changing shape of your gums, without altering the appearance of the dentures.