Bridges & Dentures

Dental Bridges East Sussex

Dental Bridges

Bridges are a fixed alternative to implants and may be better in some situations.

Bridges are attached to the next-door teeth with crowns, which involves preparation of the teeth, or they can be bonded to the next-door teeth so only minor preparation is required.


Dentures are removable teeth replacement options. Dentures fit snugly over the gum and can be used to replace one or all of the teeth. They can be made from acrylic (plastic) or with a metal framework, which is a lot less bulky and easier to wear.

We work closely with the best technicians and use the best materials to give you the best result.

Do you have a poorly fitting lower full denture?

This is a common problem because there is not a lot of support in the lower jaw, but here at Albany Dental we can offer a simple solution using two implants to help support either a new denture, or sometimes we can use your existing denture.

Dentures dental treatment East Sussex